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Monday, 21 December 2015

Captain America loves Hotel Graffiti

I just found out that I got a mention in Before We Go, a 2014 romance movie starring (and directed by) Hollywood's Chris Evans. Here's a snippet of dialogue from the film:

"Do you know the most interesting thing about hotel art is not the actual art itself, obviously, but it's what's behind it."
"- What, like a safe?"
"- No."
"Have you heard of hotel graffiti?"
"- No."
"- This comedian started it when his TV didn't work in his hotel room. He just started doodling on, like, the back of paintings. And it caught on from there."

Weird to think that for a brief while I occupied the head space of Captain America (and, to a lesser extent, the Human Torch).

There's a clip of the above scene in the film's trailer at the 2:00 minute mark


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