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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

What the hell is a Sextrap Dungeon?

Great question, chum!

Sextrap Dungeon is a series of standalone gamebooks that combines the 1980s interactive Fighting Fantasy book craze with parody erotica.

Sextrap Dungeon: Book 1 is a dating simulator where you play the part of a hapless lothario prone to getting murdered in horrific ways. It’s essentially sex ed disguised as smut, with every douchebag decision paid for with a bucket of blood.

Sextrap Dungeon 2: Critical Ass transplants the action to a Mad Max style dystopia. As a radioactive fallout blows across a bleached wasteland, you play the role of a post-apocalyptic booty hunter with a singular mission: to turn a total catastrophe into a total cat-ass-strophe. 

Sextrap Dungeon 3: Clock Tease turns the format on its head, letting you play the part of a female scientist time-hopping through history on an epic hunt for man trim. It’s an unashamed and sex-positive story of empowerment with a decidedly feminist undercurrent.

As if that wasn't enough to tempt you to buy the whole bloody series, here's what the reviewers have had to say about Sextrap Dungeon:

“As ridiculously funny as it is addictively playable, this is one for the ages.” (Mustard Magazine)

“Leisure Suit Larry meets Saw… the funniest thing I’ve read this year.” (Kindle Cover Disasters) 

“When it comes to death, this book does not f*ck around… more awesome than antibiotics in a smallpox outbreak.” Richard Cobbett (PC Gamer)

“[Like] a choose-your-own-adventure version of The Aristocrats.” (Biblio-therapy)

Click on the links above to visit the books' Amazon pages and purchase your copies. Go on. You deserve this.


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