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Friday, 31 October 2014

Bad Endings

I'm horrified to announce that my new book, Bad Endings - a monster collection of 99 killer flash fictions - is available in Kindle and paperback editions. Whether you’re a lover of short literature or just some dumb kid with ADD, Bad Endings is the book for you.

The book contains the following:
A budding actress auditions for a snuff film. 
A divorcee signs up to a speed-dating séance. 
A has-been Justin Bieber auctions off body parts to make ends meet. 
A little girl brings her pet dictator to school. 
Bruce Forsyth makes a surprise career move into cage fighting. 
A skinless man goes for a deep tissue massage. 
Richard Branson abducts children apparently. 
A man discovers a factory reset button up his bum.

Buy your copy of the eBook HERE.

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