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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Madeley's Meltdown

I remember, with some clarity, an episode of This Morning in the late Nineties that involved an animated Richard Madely going absolutely Krakatoa on a female caller.
They'd had a phone-in that day asking people at home to share unusual ways they got their sexual kicks, and a woman (who was obviously on a wind-up) phoned in to describe how she enjoyed having sex with her boyfriend whilst riding a motorbike at high speeds through dense residential areas. Richard sprang to his feet to mount a stern lecture, which at one point involved him spluttering "you might as well be going door-to-door with a double-barrelled shotgun pumping rounds through people's living room windows!" He may or may not have mimed this. He then cut the woman off and remained visibly incensed through an interview with celebrity hairstylist Nicky Clarke.

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