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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Knock Knock Hijack

I posted this old exchange onto Imgur yesterday and it went cuckoo banana bread.

For the sake of context, Steve likes to brighten the start of the week with a little Monday morning joke. This is how he's repaid for his efforts:

"Whose ready for fun guyz?"
UPDATE: This managed to make the front page of Reddit, Imgur, Buzzfeed, HappyPlace, The Meta Picture, Tumblr, Cheezburger, Lamebook, The Poke, UproxxDafuqdidijustread, as well as feature in The Huffington Post, Digital Spy and Metro UK (and likely some other places I didn't hear about yet). It's closing in on about two and a half million views now, making it far and above the most popular thing I've ever made. Probably should have included my full name on it really.


  1. Did they all publish it to show how not to write a funny sketch?

  2. Awesome joke. I saw it on collegehumor

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